Restaurant Reservation Platform
a WordPress / Woocommerce
based Web solution

Receive orders online and service your customers offering delivery of pickup services

digiFOOD is an all in an online food ordering system for your restaurant. Start accepting online orders with no commissions.

The restaurant industry has been changing rapidly in recent years. Many restaurants now offer online ordering systems that allow customers to place orders from home or on their mobile devices. These systems are convenient for both customers and restaurants because they save money and time.

Why Do You Need an Online Food Ordering System?

There are several reasons why restaurants need an online food ordering system. First, it allows them to reach out to new customers who might not frequent their establishments. Second, it saves money for restaurants because they no longer need to pay for delivery drivers. Third, it gives them the opportunity to provide better customer service. Fourth, it makes it easier for customers to order from multiple locations at once. Finally, it provides a platform for restaurants to market themselves.


digiFOOD, a Self-Hosted system

There are two main types: cloud based (rented) and self-hosted. Cloud based(rented) services own all the ordering system on their own servers (And usually paying a monthly service fee) . Self-Hosted systems like digiFOOD  are purchased one-time and can be installed on your server without services costs and monthly fees.


Every feature you need from a food delivery plugin!

Theme, Plugin and Automatic Order Printing Software.

Delivery & Takeaway

Choose to Accept both Delivery and Takeaway Orders. You can always enable or disable any order type.

Automatic Order Printing

Get your Orders printed automatically with no delays to your restaurant printer.

Delivery Distance Restrictions

Restrict orders, to your delivery area using Distance Restriction, Delivery Area Map or Postal code

Live Order Acceptance

Choose if you want to automatic accept food orders, or enable the live order acceptance and give your restaurant customers an expected delivery time in real-time!

Google AutoComplete

Automatic Address Completion using Google APIs

Extra Options

You can add options for Toppings, Sides, Roasting etc, using Extra Options from WooFood for your products.

Delivery Fees

Charge your customers a flat delivery fee or a delivery fee based on distance.

Delivery Hours

Set the hours the restaurant is opening for delivery orders and the hours for takeaway orders.

Availability Checker

Let your customers check the availability to their area before placing an order

Multi-Location Feature

Do you have more than one locations of your restaurant? Send the Order automatically to the nearest to the customer restaurant!

Payment Gateways

Use all the Payment Gateways supported from WooCommerce.

digiFOOD is a web based solution that can be hosted  on a customer’s server without any further costs for hosting or licensing. 

The product is givel with lifetime license, limited by domain  installation. The product is based on Woocommerce & WordPress technologies, therefore we can include all related funcionality and supportive plugins as extensions to the orginal setup